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Frustrating to parent an adolescent who feels sick chronically. Difficult to know if he feels sick because he is sick with a contagious disease, or if he has a migraine, or if he is anxious. Honestly, right now, I’m feeling sick to my stomach. Sick with dread. Dreading a summer trying to get my kid out of his bed, out of his bedroom, out of the house, and to summer school.


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  1. Thank you so much! He went to several of his classes last week, and has come down from his room to visit more often for “little bursts of togetherness.”

  2. Kitt I’m so sorry. I remember being this teenager and seeing the toll it took on my family. Therapy helped me quite a bit, as well as short activities with my family. Going for a drive to the park down the street, getting ice cream together, watching an episode or 2 of tv together. Little bursts of togetherness.
    Wishing you many blessings and much luck <3

  3. Yes, we are from the USA, from southern California. My son does gets support. Unfortunately, even after seeing numerous specialists, he still gets sick. Thank you for your comments. I wish you the best with your son. I understand how hard it is.

  4. Faith was first prescribed anti depressants at the age of about 7 because he wouldn’t sleep because he was worried he would die after the death of his great grandad, up unti then I had no knowledge of mental health at all. Little did I know then, how much I would learn.
    The best thing Faith ever did was when he was suffering dreadfully with panic attacks and anxiety in his early 20’s was going on a Princes Trust Course, how I ever got him there that first day I don’t know. That 3 month course gave him confidence and even a job , from which he progressed to become a fitness instructor. Your from USA?
    I’m glad you have talked to him about the dangers of alcohol, it was also something completely alien to me.
    I hope your son gets the support he needs, it sounds like everyone is looking after him. X take care x

  5. Just on hold this week, as its his first week of summer school. Will return to slowly cleaning afterwards, two hours at a time a few days a week.

  6. Amen. Thank you. God bless.

  7. It is difficult. He’s 16. Will be 17 next month.

  8. Deborah@TradeRoutz Avatar

    Sending you love and strength. It’s so tough sometimes. ?

  9. Sympathize with your situation, Kitt. Assume you have put Spring cleaning with your neighbor on hold until the situation with your son and you improves. Hope you both will get through this situation shortly and enjoy some beautiful Summer days. God Bless & Take Care !!!.

  10. Father God Ipray over Kitt, her son and family. We have some knowledge that illnesses can be carried from generation to generation. You have the power to break that cycle in Kitt’s family. I call upon your character of compassion. You are the Father who wants to give all good gifts to His children who ask, seek and they will find. These promises of the Word, Your Son Jesus, our great Physician I ask Your fulfillment. Father humbly I ask that Your will be to break the cycle now. To You be the honor, glory and thanksgiving of all hearts joined to Your’s today. Amen

  11. It sounds difficult. How old is he, Kitt?

  12. Panic attacks, social anxiety, and alcoholism are all biological brain disorders. Unfortunately, medication alone doesn’t always help. As someone who lives with bipolar disorder and who loves family members with mental illness and alcoholism, I know how hard it can be. My heart goes out to you.

  13. My son has struggled with mental health issues, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. He’s shy. He first saw a child psychologist at four, and a child psychiatrist at five. He knows our family’s history of alcoholism, so he knows not to drink regularly when he’s an adult and not at all until then.

  14. Yes Kitt, he started with panic attacks in his teens and at used alcohol to help him socialise, I wish the doctors could have helped him more then. It all stemmed from lack of confidence. 🙁 x

  15. He made it to his first class, but texted me to pick him up before his second. He’s back in bed now. Last week was his summer vacation. He slept days and played videos games until the sun rose in the morning. The week before that he was sick (as was, and honestly still am, I).

  16. Thank you for your compassion. Was your sick son the child who is now an alcoholic?

  17. Oh no…. This brings back memories for me. my son being physically sick going to school. so worrying for you. Sending love x

  18. Ughhhhhhh!!!! I’m so, so sorry about this situation, Kitt.
    You’re in my prayers and thoughts often.
    Love you!

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