Silence - background of clouds over Saddleback mountain range formation and trees in foreground
I haven’t written in a while, nor have I read or commented on others’ posts. I used to write brief reviews after reading a book. Recently, I’ve simply left stars on Amazon and Good Reads.
Why? Because I simply needed to recover. Recovering not from an episode of bipolar disorder – though I do live with that illness and must take care of myself – but from exhaustion, physical illness, and the demands of life.
Sometimes I need silence. Sometimes I must do less. I must NOT do.
Since my mother had her stroke November 2015, I’ve had added responsibilities overseeing my parents’ finances and care. My sister helps me make decisions and offers emotional support, but she lives in another state and has her own life to live.
I parent a high-needs adolescent who gets sick A LOT and has struggled throughout his life with migraines, ADHD, depression, and anxiety.
My husband, son, and I have all been sick.
All this weighs on me.
So, I’ve pulled back.
I’ve been silent.
I’ve binge-watched TV.
I’ve done lots of jigsaw puzzles on my iPad.
Hope - yellow hibiscus background
Starting Monday, I’m hiring my neighbor, who has been a caregiver to seniors, to help me with my chaotic physical environment. Together, we will organize and clean my house. It’s cluttered and dusty. The floors and refrigerator need cleaning. Hopefully, that will improve both our physical and emotional health.