Stop this Circus – Prayer Request

The last few days have been a circus.
My father made a run for it from memory care, setting off the alarm as he left the building to look for his car in their parking lot so he could find my mom. The director called me to bring him home with me for the night. Not what I paid for.
My mother has had her bags packed and is quite anxious to get out of the stroke rehab skilled nursing facility. The other day she kept pointing to her wedding band.
Today I visited board and care facilities looking for a setting that could accommodate them both now. Please pray for a solution as soon as possible. They need to be reunited.


25 responses to “Stop this Circus – Prayer Request”

  1. Thank you, Robert.

  2. Oh yes. There is one redeeming quality here. They have your love and your commitment. I know that it is exhausting but when this is over I hope that you will see the strength that you have shown here and that it will help to sustain you.

  3. It is heart-breaking…

  4. This is so tough. My prayers are with you–I hope you find a place soon…they really do need to be re-united. And you need to know that they are safe and with good caregivers.

  5. Thank you, Tessa! God bless you.

  6. My prayers are with you.

  7. Thank you and God bless.

  8. Prayers for you, my friend

  9. Oh, my. Hope you find that place that will keep them together. Thoughts and prayers for you and them, Kitt. ❤️

  10. Thank you, Dy. Praying for you and yours, as well.

  11. That they are. Thank you for your prayers.

  12. Thank you, Samina!

  13. Thank you. It is traumatic for them to be separated right now.

  14. Praying. Makes my heart ache.

  15. Thinking of you, hope you’re able to solve this soon.

  16. Prayers happening this instant – love you, please take care of yourself however you can. This is unimaginable stress you are enduring….hugs, hugs, hugs to you & family.

  17. Oh my Kitt. Sending prayers for strength and peace. They are both looking for each other. Just heartbreaking.

  18. Oh no, this is heartbreaking! I hope they are reunited ASAP! All my positive thoughts and support, coming your way.

  19.  Avatar

    Prayers being said.

  20. I so dislike hearing of couples separated at this sensitive phase of life and it happens way too often. It is so cruel. Prayers are flying your and their way.

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