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  • Our Beloved Dog Thumper Passed Away

    Our grief deepens with another loss. This time of our beloved labradoodle Thumper.

  • Ambivalent about My Dogs

    I am ambivalent about posting these dog photos. Although I love my dogs, I am still suffering from PTSD from an incident in which I could not control them, and they viciously attacked a greyhound who had just been attacked by another standard poodle the previous week. I took full responsibility for the attack and…

  • Who Ate My Chocolate?

    Okay, so I just got back from a lovely birthday dinner out with my husband and son. What did I find on the floor of the kitchen upon our return? My birthday box of See’s chocolates! One or both of our dogs (not sure if it was a solo job or a conspiracy) had taken…

  • Thumper Update

    Thumper’s biopsy came back benign. No cancer! His toe is healing nicely and his stitches come out on Friday. Whew! He’s happy, and so are we.

  • Sick on My Birthday

    Today is my birthday. I am 51 years old. Unfortunately, I have a cold. Nothing serious, but being sick annoys me. Not sure if I will be going to group later this afternoon. Do not want to get anyone else sick and want to heal myself. Last night our son said that he, too, felt…