Who Ate My Chocolate?

Okay, so I just got back from a lovely birthday dinner out with my husband and son. What did I find on the floor of the kitchen upon our return? My birthday box of See’s chocolates! One or both of our dogs (not sure if it was a solo job or a conspiracy) had taken the box from the counter and eaten ALL the dark chocolate and coconut candies. I hadn’t even tried one yet. The dark chocolate walnut clusters and the dark chocolate covered marzipan were left untouched. Thumper tried licking the floor clean of all traces of chocolate even after we returned and reclaimed the box. Not sure if that absolves Coco of blame, for he is the more wily of the two. He knows to act nonchalant as if completely unaware that a crime had taken place.


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  1. I wouldn’t blame you one bit.

  2. And Sees chocolate at that! Not going to lie…if you’d left me home with the box I’d have eaten it, too.

  3. Bad human (me) for leaving it within easy reach!

  4. sigh while catching up on reading everyone’s blogs, I left my McDonalds Chocolate Chip Frappe next to my chair. Needless to say it was all over my chair when I stepped out.

    Process of elimination was much easier for me. Did my wife do it – nope she is sleeping already. Kids – nope, outside playing. Dog…hmmm…why is she avoiding me? Guess who?!?

  5. The REALLY like peanut butter.

  6. Tell them to stay away from reese’s peanut butter cups, please!

  7. Not for dogs, though. Chocolate is toxic for dogs, which I knew. But they didn’t eat enough to do any harm. They are big boys.

  8. And they say it is good for you (!?)

  9. We don’t have See’s, but believe me, we have plenty of others! I really like the organic chocolate, 70% proof!

  10. We called our vet friend years ago when we were worried about an earlier chocolate raid. Luckily we have a friend we can call.

  11. Oh, good, very relieved to hear that. I’ll never forget when I we had a wild party years ago (no parties now) and we ordered in Indian food with garlic nans and we left the room and when we returned there was a very happy Ko-Ko and no garlic nans. And she didn’t get sick. I was the one who was sick with worry over everyone.

  12. Thank you for your concern. Yes, I’m aware that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but together they ate less than 1/3 lb of mostly coconut filling covered in chocolate. Since Thumper weighs more than 75 lbs and Coco over 45 lbs, I wasn’t concerned. I’ve panicked in the past, when Thumper has managed to get into my chocolate. But he’s never eaten enough for it to be dangerously toxic.

  13. Without a doubt, especially See’s. Don’t know if you can get them back East. They are delicious.

  14. Thanks. Just some light humor to pass on. Sometimes we need to laugh.

  15. That’s not uncommon. Unfortunately.

  16. surprise! 🙂

  17. Don’t want to be a downer here but chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. I hope all is well and they were not affected. Google chocolate and dogs. Sorry to be a worry wart.

  18. It’s perfectly understandable…:)

  19. Can’t say I blame them. Who can resist chocolate?

  20. wow – Lol – You have great concept with a great photo. Great way to tell a good story!

  21. Both of our dogs were named by their breeders, and the names stuck. I just simplified Coco. He’ll answer to anything actually. They both are attention and affection whores.

  22. She’s very happy I have my blogging support network, because I have little to no support (mental health-wise, and actually nearly everything else-wise) at home.

  23. Well, glad to hear that I’m not totally out of touch. It has been a couple of decades since I practiced psychotherapy, and I was pretty green back then. It’s good to have a support network that jives with what your therapist and psychiatrist tell you.

  24. I love the name Thumper and from the little I know of him, it seems to fit perfectly =]

    My dog’s name was Coco when I got her. I tried to change it to Gizmo or Milo, but I gave up early on. She was already 6 when I got her so I didn’t want to change everything and scar her for life.

  25. Coco’s given name by his East LA barrio breeder was Chocolate (spoken with a Mexican accent chO kO lah tay), Choco (chO kO) for short. The Mexican “Choco” doesn’t roll off my tongue as easily as Coco. I’ve been told by my Mexican friends that I now have it backwards, because Coco means coconut (funny, huh?) and therefore should be Thumper’s name because he is white, not Coco’s. Oh, well.

  26. Ah, I’ll just pretend you never said that, then=]

  27. Honestly, the box was still in the bag, and the coconut-filled chocolates were the ones jostled out at the opened end of the box and bag. Going into that detail didn’t make as good a story. Funnier to think that they were discerning coconut-filled chocolate thieves.

  28. OH P.p.s. (sorry I’m taking over your comments) After my last mental health post with the diagnoses and freaking out, it turned out I did not have therapy the next day like I thought; my next appt wasn’t actually until today. But when I went today, my therapist told me pretty much all the same stuff you did. Can I just hire you? =]

  29. P.s. my dog’s real name is Coco, too. Spelled just like that (drives me nuts when people spell it Cocoa or Coacoa or Coaco — yes, they’ve all happened). I just use “Gizmo” as her blog name. Tehe.

  30. You’re right — Coco looks nonchalant like he couldn’t care less; Thumper looks like he’s just praying you’ll take pity on him and give him more.

    Funny how they (he?) picked out certain types!

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