trees and mountain range in distance
My husband, son & I are visiting my sister, her family, and the in-laws (my sister and I married brothers) in Oregon. Beautiful outside. We can see Mt. St. Helens peaking out in the distance, but it doesn’t really show up in this photo.
Trying to focus on nature’s beauty to give my mind and my soul a break from the burden of caregiving for my parents.
Had to have my mother psychiatrically hospitalized again. Vascular dementia due to her recent stroke in addition to pre-existing mental illness (she’s my mother, I’m her genetic legacy) led to psychosis. Hope that her new medication regimen will improve the quality of her life.
Painful process to watch, seeing someone you love devastated by a stroke. My mother’s vascular dementia is worse than my father’s dementia. He has no short-term memory and is aware of his memory loss, but still has verbal skills. My mother has lost her ability to communicate, which makes it very difficult for her.
Take care of your brain. Injuries to it can alter your life in terrible ways.