Tired Collage


Not thinking clearly
Not able to complete sentences
Not able to answer direct questions
Fumbling with language
With spoken language
With what I hear
With what I read
So sleepy
Feared falling asleep
Driving to doctor’s office
Door locked
Looked at calendar
Over an hour early
Went back to parked car
Overlooking hill of eucalyptus
Enjoyed view
Tolerated gardeners
Noisy leaf blowers
Those things should be illegal
Wish I had slept
That extra hour
Though not sure
It would have helped
Seems there’s no refilling
This empty tank
No overcoming
This fatigue right now
Seasonal and situational
Wait it out?
Not sure


  1. Thanks, Sandra. Still worn out, but it’s temporary.

  2. Awww Kitt, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope the problem is getting resolved (I’m a little late on my blog reads so by now you may have the energy of a race horse). But I have to agree, leaf blowers and lawn mowers…can we get a law against those please?

  3. Thank you. Both seasonal and situational. This, too, shall pass. Only temporary.

  4. Thank you so much, Diane. God bless you.

  5. I’m so sorry you feel so exhausted. Hope you find some clarity and that it is just seasonal/situational. Rest up and feel better!

  6. Thinking of you Kitt… I know it’s just so hard to concentrate.. but I do hope somehow it subsides soon… Diane

  7. Walking the line.

  8. LOL. Actually, I did go to bed early.

  9. ‘Been there. sigh. Be careful, Kitt.

  10. no worries 🙂

  11. Kitt, I hope I don’t get a reply to my comment since you should be sleeping already by now … 🙂

  12. I’m going to lay down in my room without my laptop. Thanks for the advice. I have lavender oil which helps.

  13. My son is particularly sensitive to noise. When I’m hypomanic, I can hear my husband chewing in another room. Hyper-sensitive.

  14. I know! I should NOT be online right now.

  15. Hope u are sleeping right now and not reading this. :-] I like valerian & lavender tea and solitary confinement in my room until I rest. Hard to shut down, but sooooo necessary.

  16. worn out… those words just echoed what I’ve been thinking, and caught my eye. I hope, you will be able to get, take, steal, from somewhere – the time to get some decent, adequate rest and recovery time. Enough to do the Job!! 🙂

  17. Rest up Kitt. I would offer to sing you a lullaby but I think that would have the opposite effect! 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  18. This is such a great window into this place that happens in us.
    Yes. Leaf blowers are tranquility smashers.

  19. I am definitely sleep-deficient right now, which is making one AID flare up. Not good. Yet I am still awake reading blogs. Sigh. I never learn.

  20. Already taking Vit D & did gardening (natural Vit D). Probably need more sleep. Getting at least 7-8 hours. Perhaps I need more right now.

  21. Thanks. I have to be careful with sun boxes – too much light irritates me and triggers hypomania. I do take D3. Not deficient.

  22. Thank you, Leslie.

  23. Thank you. I’ve been sleeping, but apparently I need more right now.

  24. Sleep and Vit D are my aids.

  25. Love you, rest up – we all understand here.
    I forgot if you told me that you use a SunBox or similar therapeutic bright light for seasonal affective disorder. f not please-please get one. I love mine.
    I got it long before I was diagnosed with any mood disorder! I just felt low and it was fall and I read some magazine article about them adn they sounded good to me. I use the SunBox DL (desk light) and I got it in the late 1990’s for $250 – it’s even lower $ now: $189. Some insurance companies even reimburse for it with a doctor’s note,although mine didn’t.
    Also my pdoc made me start taking vitamin D3 a while back as I tested a bit too low for it in my blood panel, and of course I can’t remember the min. dose he wanted but it was more than what’s on my bottle.
    Sorry to be Mrs. Fixit here – I just want you to feel better!!
    p.s. Of course I can always drive down there with my assistant Lucy and I’ll give you my special ketamine/chocolate Talenti gelato injection!!!

  26. I’m so sorry, Kitt. I know where you’re coming from, and you have my sympathies. Hang in there…it does get better.

  27. I hate times like that. I’m sorry you’re going through it, Kitt.

  28. I hope you get some sleep, Kitt! You’re too valuable of a person to walk around sleep-deprived and energy depleted. Take care.

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