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  1. it will only be an excerpt on my blog and to read the full content readers will have to visit your blog (check recent reblogs on my blog for reference)
    and i only intend to reblog 1 post per feloow blogger, the ones who added their blogs to my mental health awareness post 2 yrs back, including you 🙂

  2. Thanks! I’m honored.
    As long as you link back and cite my website, you can reblog any post (not all of them). Here are two that may interest you: (You may title it, “I Don’t Want to Write about Suicide”)

  3. hi

    I’m doing mental health re-blogs, can you suggest me a post by you that you would want me to share??

  4. I agree, Cassandra. The HealthCentral infographics based on NAMI data are easily understood.

  5. Great, useful post!

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