Reading this post, I fear that I come off as self-centered, concerned more with my physical health than grieving my mother’s death. Perhaps that’s denial. It’s hard to properly grieve when dealing with health issues amid a pandemic.

As I mentioned in my February 24th post, my mother died last January. Since our mother died, both my sister and I have been busy dealing with the business of death. When my father died, I was consumed with the business of death before I could grieve. That’s my way of coping. I focus on taking care of business during crises and address my own feelings later.


In March, COVID19 overtook the US. Since then, we’ve followed #StayAtHome orders and worn masks when out in public. As I’m asthmatic and have been fighting a chronic sinus infection since last fall, my husband has been doing all the grocery shopping. He’s my greatest support.

Fever & Chronic Sinusitis

Unfortunately, I’ve been coughing since last fall and have had a fever over the past three weeks. My internist first diagnosed my cough as a chronic sinus infection and treated it with antibiotics.

When that first round of antibiotics didn’t help, she referred me to my allergist, who treated me with two rounds of stronger antibiotics. After the second round of strong antibiotics, my allergist recommended that I get a COVID19 antibody test (my third test since the outbreak).

I tested negative (again). Both my allergist and the urgent care physician who tested me for COVID19 recommended that I see an ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist) for chronic sinusitis.

As I’ve had a fever for the last three weeks, I’ve had to reschedule my appointment three times. Today I canceled the appointment and will reschedule it once my fever is gone.

Quiet Self-Care

This year, facing crises both personal and universal, I’ve minimized my social media activities and blog posts. I’m taking it easy.