Recovering from social demands
From social interaction
From caring for others
My son
My husband
My parents
From caring about too many
From caring too much
You may not hear from me
You may not read much from me
I’m depleted
I need to refill
Not to care so much about others
But to care more about myself
To care more for myself
For now, I’m quiet…


21 responses to “Cocooning”

  1. Every weekend 😉

  2. Do not socialise during periods of stress, people with insight, may misconstrue the random speed or slowness. Excercise! @BrantonUnited

  3. Watch the triggers & intervene with swift compassion

  4. Yes, but I have a job to do – getting my kid to school – and I’m failing at it.

  5. A time for peace and rejuvenation. Socialization through blogging. Two paragraphs with a simple message. It’s okay to take care of your needs, first.

  6. I totally get cocooning!! there are days I just stay in bed. I call it hibernating. A cocoon by any other name, is still as quiet!!
    Thanks for the follow!

  7. I totally get it!!! Glad you know you must take care of yourself first. Xoxo

  8. Peace and love to you! <3

  9. Thank you! Love you, too!

  10. Thinking of you, my friend. Take all the time you need to take care of YOU. Love you. ❤️

  11. Thank you, Ellen. Peace.

  12. We do that .. forgot to take care of ourselves … glad you are!

  13. We’ll be here for you when you come back.

  14. Cocoon ingredients is good. Take good care of you!! You deserve it! I am glad you are being quiet. It is a necessity at times. You and all your family remain in my daily prayers. xxellen

  15. Take good care of you x x

  16. Take your rest, Kitt, be well. ?

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