Hypomania Praise and Self-Talk
Photo thanks to Gustavo Espíndola

The praise came. Kitt loved to please. The more praise she received, the better she felt. The more she achieved, the higher she soared, until she couldn’t. Her body couldn’t keep up. She broke down, couldn’t get out of bed, and beat herself up for falling, for failing.

Talking to Yourself in the Third Person Can Help You Control Stressful Emotions

The simple act of silently talking to yourself in the third person during stressful times may help you control emotions without any additional mental effort than what you would use for first-person self-talk – the way people normally talk to themselves.

Role of Reward Sensitivity and Processing in Major Depressive and Bipolar Spectrum Disorders

blunted reward sensitivity and processing are involved in unipolar depression and heightened reward sensitivity and processing are characteristic of hypomania/mania


11 responses to “Hypomania, Praise, and Self-Talk”

  1. I’ll go take a look at it!

  2. Great post! I just posted a short piece about hypomania today and it kind of goes along with what you said!

  3. Yes I do agree…Every night I do have habit to have self talk.Thanks

  4. Positive self-talk truly helps.

  5. Jennifer Avatar

    I enjoyed the article. I do talk to myself with upset but need to work on only positive self talk. hanks for sharing !!

  6. Thanks! It definitely is a cognitive skill.

  7. Talking nicely to oneself is really important. I agree. Thank you.

  8. ? Of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice. I consider it a cognition skill at my
    age. Most of the time it is in the third person. That is good. Thanks for the post, Kitt.

  9. I was thinking the same as Dyane…with so few words, you encapsulated the experience, Kitt. Talk nicely to/about yourself…even in 3rd person.

  10. In only 5 lines, you nailed it, my friend.
    p.s. I love the photo – it caught my eye immediately and it’s perfect for this piece.

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