World Mental Health Day: Psychological First Aid


Dignity in Mental Health: Psychological & Mental Health First Aid for All

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  1. Hope that you are on the mend, that you get the care you need.

  2. I’ve only just realised my lowest point ever was on World Mental health day. The day that’s changed my life

  3. Wish you the best in either improving your relationships with your mental health professionals or finding new ones.

  4. I can understand your frustration. Ideally our friends and/or family are part of a treatment team which includes psychiatric treatment (if needed, for bipolar disorder medication helps, but requires trial and error to find the right combination) and supportive psychotherapy (as needed, not indefinitely). Not everyone has choices in care. Not every provider is a good match.

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    My mental health professionals and myself are just not feeling the love recently…..nope i not feeling the love. ~~dru~~

  6. Does this mean my psychologist who only prescribes my medication should not have told me to be quite and listen to because she had questions about my new medications instead of listening to me when I wanted to tell her about the 51/50 of the prior weeks and how I felt the new medication was hurting not helping?
    Does this mean she should not have told me I needed a new psychologist should not have said she was going to get me a new psychologist because I wasn’t suited to the seeing my psych via telecommunication?
    Does this mean it was ok for me to be upset that my counselor is quitting and told me the week after my 51/50?
    Does this mean it is ok that the Health Center is discontinuing my group sessions because the new counselor will be too busy to handle it….not, mind you…moving the time or day, combining with another group or finding another counselor…but completely disbanding the group even when I have told my (soon to be X counselor) that the group sessions I attend there and the support I get from the members of the group are what keep me holding it together?
    I quit this place after >3 years because I can’t take it anymore. This is two days after they finally DX’d me with Bi-polar disorder; although they have been tippy toeing around that issue for awhile.
    I’m not feeling the love and am turning to friend and family instead of trained individuals.
    I’m TIRED………..sigh. ~~dru~~

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  8. I’d have to go outside, though.

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    What an great post… very informative… Way to break the stigma.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Yes, thank you for sharing this information, Kitt! I’m having one of those days. I need some more of your stunning rose Instagram pictures….just when you have a chance!

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    The only the way to end the stigma is through information!

  12. […] am reblogging this information as found on mental health advocate, Kitt O’Malley’s page. Kitt, too, understands firsthand the challenges of living with a mental health condition-Bipolar […]

  13. So important. Thank you for posting.

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