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  • Blooming Hope

    The Blooming Hope Nursery is an art exhibit of The Expression Project for NAMIWalks Orange County.  The purpose of this exhibit is to grow seeds of HOPE. To tell the stories of individuals who struggle with mental illness and their family members we are embarking on a journey of hope. The first leg of this journey is the…

  • Diva at Heart

    My name is Kitt O’Malley, and I am a diva. H.K. Abell aka Helena Hann-Basquiat (a self-proclaimed dilettante) flattered me by describing my nature as bold and brassy (some may think that an insult, not I).

  • So Easily Broken

    Yesterday this “story” of mine was published on Stigmama.com at FICTION SERIES: So Easily Broken, Kitt O’Malley | Stigmama. Clearly, it is fictionalized autobiography. I simply wrote what surrounded me in third person. FICTION SERIES: So Easily Broken, Kitt O’Malley | Stigmama All around her books, binders, and training manuals piled. She had an article to…