I Spoke in Public!

Thank you, Lianne Sauvage, for inviting me to share my mental health journey at Belmont High School's Mental Health Assembly! For my speech, I adapted content from My Bipolar Thoughts, my memoir work-in-progress. [...]

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Who, Me, Dating?

interviewed me about dating and marriage while living with bipolar disorder. Here's how the article starts: At age 30, Kitt O’Malley moved in with her parents after treatment for debilitating depression resulted in psychotic mania [...]

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Friday Was Tough

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V4YKeq88Qg&w=560&h=315] Note I've received feedback that my delivery in this video is too clinical and offputting. Forgive me. I'm trained as a psychotherapist. No doubt I use my training and jargon not just [...]

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About Me and This Blog

Blogging can affect both personal and social change. I started blogging because the thoughts and words in my mind simply had to get out. I hope this blog offers support, educates, and fights [...]

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Meaning and Mental Illness

I wrote this post for Lisa Bortolotti's project Imperfect Cognitions: Blog on delusional beliefs, distorted memories, confabulatory explanations, and implicit biases. The blog was founded by Lisa Bortolotti in May 2013, after receiving [...]

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Words Fly

I remember when I couldn't hold the letters of a word together long enough to make sense of them. They flew off in all directions or got all jumbled up. I simply could [...]

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Podcast Preview

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Adam Lennon of SeaTread Studios. Adam, like me, lives with bipolar disorder. In April of 2014, Adam had a severe manic episode after taking medication [...]

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