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  • Grief, Compassion, and Love

    Today my husband flew up to visit his brother who is at home receiving hospice care for advanced lung cancer which has aggressively metastasized. This post serves as a prayer for my husband, his brother, and the rest of their family. I’m at a loss for words. This is also my second Writer’s Quote Wednesday 2015 post. Thank…

  • Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Helen Keller

    . Thank you Colleen Chesebro at SilverThreading.com for organizing Writer’s Quote Wednesday 2015.

  • Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Oscar Wilde

    May Oscar Wilde’s quote inspire you to be, love, and accept yourself. Thank you Colleen Chesebro at SilverThreading.com for this week’s open invitation to quote a writer. This week she quoted Theodore Roosevelt. Check out the Theodore Roosevelt quote and learn more about Colleen Chesebro‘s Writer’s Quote Wednesday at SilverThreading.com. Maybe you want to share a great writer’s…