Exhausted While Bipolar

Exhausted by life stressors. Understandably so. I have this. Just takes a LOT of energy. Recently I've been totally overwhelmed and exhausted. A virus almost took my mother's life. Thank God she survived. [...]

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Nurturing Bath #1000Speak

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhG2gEzKao8 Compassion - Nurturing - 1000VoicesSpeak.org As I desperately reached out in compassion for others this past 10 days, I've neglected myself. I fueled my efforts with hypomanic energy, all the while sick with [...]

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Holy Friday

For those who do not believe in the value of religious mythology, I do. Whether or not the stories actually happened, whether or not they are literally true, they offer messages which are [...]

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Childhood Trauma of Parental Mental Illness #1000Speak for Compassion

At the beginning of this week, Terezin - a woman who had been horrifically abused by a mother diagnosed with manic depressive psychosis - read my poem Suicide Infanticide and was understandably enraged. My poem described a fleeting [...]

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Child Welfare Resources

Updated my Resources page, adding Child Welfare Resources, in preparation for tomorrow's post about compassion and childhood trauma for #1000Speak for Compassion. Child Welfare Resources Prevent Child Abuse America Healthy Families America Child Welfare Information [...]

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