This is my house.

The Bloggess Jenny Lawson’s post This is my house blew me away with its wisdom about self-care and setting limits. She gets a myriad of requests to write about various causes and responds “I just can’t,” and:

“This is my house. You are welcome here. You are wanted. You are allowed to leave links of posts or articles you think this community would say “Oh, I needed that” to. You are welcome to talk and visit and make friends and to realize that each of us is flawed and human and (in the grand scheme of things) knows nothing. Because I’ve come to know that the only thing I really know is we could all do with a little more kindness. Both in giving and getting.” ~ The Bloggess Jenny Lawson

Jenny’s post is long, but well worth reading.


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  1. […] her post about how she simply can’t write what others want her to write. That her blog is her house. I must think more about how I want to arrange my metaphorical house. My mind, my time, my blog, my […]

  2. I’ll let you know as soon as I read it. I have a few books in line first.

  3. She’s hilarious. I read her book and kept my husband up at night for I was laughing out loud as I read.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, my friend. A few thoughts….

    My right tricep is sore and bruised from my fall, and writing actually hurts a bit! Wow! I guess I’d rather have physical pain than mental pain, but they both suck…

    My Mom is a BIG fan of yours – I’m amazed she hasn’t read your blog yet, but I’ll suggest it because I think it would help her!

    I read almost the entire Jenny Lawson post (and my Mom told me today on the phone how my post was too wordy! Well, she was right and I told her so and I even went edited it a bit! But I digress….) and my heart went out to Jenny for her bravery, honesty, and trademark humor.
    She shows the dark side of becoming a bestselling author,when so many want to use for and berate her if she doesn’t do their bidding. I’m glad she posted it and I hope she gets a ton of support for being truthful and calling out the users.

    I loved her line “The greatest gift in the world is to grant a kindness to another.” That whole paragraph rocked…

    And finally, while I’m thinking of it, please let me know what you think about Aimee Bender’s book (not sure which one you’ll select) as I’m curious!

  5. I love The Bloggess! I was”introduced” to her by a woman at my urologist’s office who also happens to be bipolar, and I’ve been enjoying her commentaries ever since. Thanks for sharing this one.

  6. Kitt – Thank you for sharing this valuable post.

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