Inartful rosebush deadheading, weeds galore, must eventually break up and replant overcrowded bulbs (not the season - when in SoCal is the season?). Totally overstimulated and hypomanic. Crap.

What happens when I over-involve myself in social media? (If you are viewing this post from my lovely website, look to the right – or if on a mobile device, to the bottom – see those many colorful icons – I’m all over the place and overactive.) What happens when I engage in a protracted blog comment debate with Cabrogal of Neurodrooling over my involvement with NAMI – typing away into the wee hours of the morning and continuing over subsequent days? What happens when I participate in the Semicolon Project’s Facebook event “to raise public awareness against Depression, Anxiety, Self-harm and Suicide,” and feel drawn to reach out to as many people as possible – but my arms, my heart, my fingers, and my keyboard only reach so far? What happens when I involve myself in Tha.Speakeasy – an awesome and/but stimulating Facebook spoken word event Friday and Saturday – hosted by the incomparable T.A. (Tamara) Woods? What happens when I realize that in my focus on bipolar blogs, I have neglected reading and listening to so, so many fabulous works of writing, of poetry, of spoken word, of music, and then desperately try to play catch-up? (One of my Twitter followers thought that I’d been hacked for I tweeted out so much content.)

All this after a very busy weekend. I had spent a day and evening with others – people beside my husband and son. I went to a NAMI Advocacy training Friday, April 10th. That night I inadvertently crashed a dinner party hosted by the Executive Director and President of my local NAMI. Oops. The next day I drove an hour to and an hour from my parents’ home to do their income taxes; the day after that I finished our taxes. Finally, on Monday I managed to get my son to school after his week-long spring break, only to be called to pick him up from the nurse’s office two hours into his school day. So, in the midst of this all, my son has either been home on vacation, or home sick with gastroenteritis.

What Happens? Hypomania Happens

Oh, so my main point… What Happens? Hypomania Happens… Here’s a meme saying same…

What Happens? Hypomania Happens


16 responses to “What Happens? Hypomania Happens”

  1. Thank you, Robert! You do the same, generously.

  2. You do so many wonderful things for so many people Kitt!

  3. I hate being late in reading all my fave blogs!

    Since I’ve been sick for 3+ days and had to take a break from my beloved “E” (which SUCKS) I’ve had my schedule disrupted.

    That means I haven’t kept up with my blogs. :((( But I’m back, & thank God Craig is back home after four, verrrrrry long days away (NEVER again! That was way too long!)

    Here I am, hoping you’re resting this very minute and feeling much less hypomanic. At least you’ve been aware you’ve been hypo; the big problem is when the person doesn’t realize it and it spirals. Between you and your husband, I’m confident that you’ll restore yourself this week. Let’s talk soon, dear one. And it never maters how many times you let our phone ring – I don’t care!

  4. Still has a cost… Tired. But today is a beautiful day. Thank you.

  5. At least you’re channeling it in a positive direction!

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  7. Thank you, Ellen.

  8. This feels like a landing rather than a crash.

  9. I suppose it’s a balancing act. (plus some walking on eggshells)

  10. Do you eventually crash?? That is my pattern but I no longer go at your pace. Old age slows one’s body down so you can’t do all that. I hope you will stop and meditate or read some spiritual book or watch a movie and be able to slow down. The crashes are so painful. Please take care of yourself!! Hugs, ellen

  11. That is still a learning curve for me. How much space to give versus being overly concerned. I don’t want to smother her emotionally which can bring its own negative effects.

  12. My husband is well aware that I’m overdoing it. He asks me how I’m doing and gives me some space. I can ride mild hypomania to a certain extent, but need to recuperate at some time.

  13. My son goes back to school next week and there are no more income tax returns to complete or Facebook events (actually, there is one on Compassion, but I may bow out).

  14. well done and informative – your approach makes us learn and enjoy reading your blogs!!

  15. I still have trouble recognizing my wife’s manic episode, especially when it manifests in productive behaviors. Hopefully you will give yourself some quiet time really soon.

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