Stained glass window of Jesus Christ on crucifix flanked by Virgin Mary and Saint John the Evangelist

For those who do not believe in the value of religious mythology, I do. Whether or not the stories actually happened, whether or not they are literally true, they offer messages which are true. The meaning – the message – is what moves me.

In Christianity, today is Good Friday or Holy Friday. Holy Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. The message I take away from Holy Friday is that God knows our pain, for Jesus as God incarnate suffered. I take this story to heart, for it has helped me to realize that I am NOT alone in my suffering. God knows, loves and forgives me.

Depressed I believed that I was alone, unloved, unforgivably flawed, and not worthy of life. I believed that the world would be a better place without me in it. I expected perfection from myself and had trouble accepting my brokenness. I hid my pain. I hid in shame. I had no compassion and no forgiveness for myself. If an omnipotent being can take human form and suffer pain on my behalf (on ALL our behalf), then I can forgive and love myself, I can feel compassion for myself, I can accept myself. I am not alone in my suffering. None of us is.

You are loved. You are not alone. Love yourself. You are worthy of your own love. Have compassion for yourself. Forgive yourself your brokenness. It is okay to not be okay. Take care.