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  • Our Beloved Dog Thumper Passed Away

    Our grief deepens with another loss. This time of our beloved labradoodle Thumper.

  • Thumper's Healing, Too

      Sick in bed, eating blueberries, drinking tea with honey, sage & thyme, downing cinnamon, turmeric and oregano oil supplements, and spritzing throat with homeopathic zinc spray. Hubby just brought me Cup Noodles (could have sworn there was an ‘o in the brand name, perhaps Nissin brand doesn’t use the ‘o). Yes, I know that…

  • Sick on My Birthday

    Today is my birthday. I am 51 years old. Unfortunately, I have a cold. Nothing serious, but being sick annoys me. Not sure if I will be going to group later this afternoon. Do not want to get anyone else sick and want to heal myself. Last night our son said that he, too, felt…