Thumper's Healing, Too

Thumper the labradoodle in NAMI Walks t-shirt with wound showing   
Sick in bed, eating blueberries, drinking tea with honey, sage & thyme, downing cinnamon, turmeric and oregano oil supplements, and spritzing throat with homeopathic zinc spray. Hubby just brought me Cup Noodles (could have sworn there was an ‘o in the brand name, perhaps Nissin brand doesn’t use the ‘o). Yes, I know that the ramen noodles are not particularly healthy, but it’s quick and hits the spot when you have a cold. Once I finish the blueberries, I have a couple of tangerines waiting. My neighbors’ tree fruits abundantly.
Dogs are barking. Thumper had a growth removed on Thursday. He mustn’t jump up and down for it pulls at his stitches. Hope that the laboratory results for the growth come back negative (benign). He and Coco were working on removing the tumor themselves, something they do not do with fatty growths or sebaceous cysts. The growth was bleeding and angry looking. Thumper would scratch it and Coco would lick it.
Now Thumper is wearing my NAMI Walks tee shirt to keep Coco from licking his sutures. Since Thumper has done some running about, the shirt now has blood stains. Need to keep my big boy (he’s a huge labradoodle) from running, jumping and playing with his smaller younger playmate Coco. Together they get worked up protecting our home from any and all possible trespassers, human and animal. They spend the day barking at the neighbor’s dogs, pacing back and forth, and jumping up and down at the fence line dividing our yards. Coco jumps so high that he gets 3/4 of his body above the 5′ fence to see his two canine antagonists on the other side.


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  1. I hope you’re all doing better soon.

  2. He did go shopping and came back with MSG-free soup. He was proud of himself for having read the label and was surprised that Campbell’s put MSG into their regular soups.

  3. never fun to bee sick. seems like you have quite the arsenal. keep firing away. if you want to, you can send you husband to the store to pick up some r2d2 soup. it’s campbell’s chicken noodle soup with a twist; it’s completely natural. they got rid of all the unpronounceable stuff.

  4. I am so sorry. Sounds like your parents have been very independent, as have mine. I will keep you, your brothers, mother and father in my thoughts. Wish you all the best. I hope that the Canadian health care system takes better care of their seniors than does the US.

  5. Get better soon, Kitt. The dog looks cute in his NAMI outfit.

  6. I love the t-shirt idea. When our mutt, Violet had a growth removed from her leg (benign), earlier this year we had to put a cone on her and she would just stand there and shake. However, if we removed it she would lick it. Bandages of any kind were of no help. A T-shirt wouldn’t cover the leg; however, she loves to wear them so if we have any other problems (heaven forbid) I will remember this! And I hope you start feeling better. I have been suffering from a cold as well and have been using essential oils, natural teas with lemon and honey. You got me craving blueberries! Take good care – Hugs to you and Thumper, Lydia!

  7. Dyane said it better than I ever could! So I will keep it simple, take care! I am in your corner rooting for ya!

  8. Dawgs, what would we do without ’em?
    Glad your brain is holding up!

  9. I am just getting over a cold myself, you have my sympathies. I just thought of you in fact, my mother called to tell me my father had a stroke this morning. He is in the hospital about two hours north of here. At 87 I am not sure it looks good. My mother is very fragile and they live in a remote area but cognitively and emotionally she is strong. Fortunately both of my brothers are available to make the trek back and forth for now as I’m tied up with appointments and don’t have my snow tires on yet. I will have to do my part as we see what happens. I’m not surprised, almost slightly relieved because my father has not been well but has insisted on driving, climbing ladders etc.

  10. I’ve tried keeping Thumper inside. He’s athletic outside and runs around the yard. When we go on vacation next week, I’ll board Thumper with the veterinarian where he will be kenneled and Coco at a dog daycare and boarding place where he can play with other dogs.
    My brain is doing well, which is amazing. Getting sick has helped, for it has forced me to not visit my parents daily which was wearing on me (and agitating my mother).

  11. I’m sorry you have a cold, but it sounds like you’re taking very good care of yourself!
    Do you happen to have a dog crate? That would be the best solution for making your frisky doodle settle down. Of course, you’d have to separate the two culprits for the duration. Life is tough.
    You sure have a lot on your plate right now…how’s your brain handling the chaos?

  12. Thank you! Sounds like a lovely retreat now that you have snow, Yaktrax, AND Internet access. Enjoy the winter wonderland up in the Sierras.

  13. Love the NAMI attire that Thumper wears, and my hopes are super-high that the test results are benign.
    You keep getting slammed with challenges right & left, but keep plugging away and you inspire me. You’re doing all the right things to get better; it’s okay to have those ramen noodles once in a while! 😉
    If we lived near you, Craig would deliver his homemade chicken soup. He just made some in the cabin. Yours truly figured out that lo and behold, there is internet here & I hooked us addicts up. I can’t tell you how pleased I am. The girls were thrilled that they could watch “My Little Pony” on Netflix, and I don’t feel so cut off.
    It’s snowing and beautiful outside. I’ll be doing lots of outdoor activities, including taking Lucy for long walks every afternoon. (I bought the Yaktrax for my boot soles so I don’t slip on the ice this time and risk concussions etc. I made Craig buy some too since he likes to take Lucy out for long walks as well.) The bottom line is that I want my internet. Part of the reason I want it is so I can keep track of YOU!
    Keep us posted whenever the inspiration strikes, and I’m sending you lots of love and healing juju! XOXO

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