Took a Step Forward Today

Today I took a step forward. I went to my psychiatrist. He adjusted my medications, putting me back on a low dose of escitalopram. Monday, we see a psychologist with our son to get some coaching on negotiating our battles and setting some reasonable boundaries.

Called NAMI Orange County’s Warm Line and briefly talked to a mentor. Looked into going to Orange County’s Wellness Center, which offers all kinds of support and activities, but I’m just not up to making the twenty-mile drive to the City of Orange. Maybe tomorrow I will actually drive up to The Wellness Center – then again, maybe not. I actually think that I may be sick, physically ill, which is exacerbating my depressive symptoms.

Yesterday I both called and emailed Saddleback Church, which offers support groups and is very close to my home. The main problem I have with Saddleback is that I’m very liberal – theologically liberal, socially liberal, and politically liberal. Saddleback is not.

Just got a call from the nurse’s office at my son’s school. Had to go and get him. He has a headache and feels sick, nauseated. Honestly, I feel pretty run down myself. And, so it goes…

Taking it one step at a time.


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  1. Yes, plodding it is, or can be. I feel better now than I did earlier last week. Thank you for your concern. I appreciate it.

  2. I read your previous posts and your blog comments (on my blog) have been worrying me lately. I’m very glad indeed to read this post and I feel proud of you. You seem to be adopting a methodical approach to things and by the looks of it, it’s working. I refer to that process as plodding – for myself, that is. One foot in from of the other, one minute at a time.

  3. Thank you so much for your prayers. I appreciate it.

  4. Absolutely!

  5. I really hope things go well for you, you are in my prayers.

  6. I might even go to church this weekend.

  7. Thank you, Ericka. Your prayers and support are heartfelt.

  8. Yikes! Those are so painful! Take care & try to enjoy the holiday weekend. Sending blessings to you & your household!!

  9. Now, I get it. 🙂

  10. Thank you. You, too.

  11. Me, too. I have to pick him up from school two days in a row. Today, I have a nasty sinus headache. Argh!

  12. Paisley is MY Lucy 🙂

  13. Have a great day!

  14. Hoping your son feels better soon

  15. Thought about you today with all the weather changes. Proud of you.

  16. I think it’s good that you’re investigating your options, and so hope that if you choose one of them… it really is helpful… Diane

  17. Maybe she’ll even get me going back to church!

  18. You are no doubt right, Diane. I used to go to the Roman Catholic Church even though I disagreed with them on many issues. Turns out their support group for bipolar disorder doesn’t start it’s next series until the fall. They referred me to NAMI & DBSA, which are great organizations. We’ll see. For now, I had lunch with one friend and will have dinner with another. The woman I’m having dinner with tonight is a member of the United Methodist church I last regularly attended. She also has bipolar disorder and a challenging teen son. We have a lot in common.

  19. Well, obviously paisley kisses are better than plaid kisses, or so I assume (I’ll ask Dy). Thanks!

  20. Thank you, Alice.

  21. I am sorry to hear that you are going through a mixed state. That is challenging and can be physically exhausting. I pray that your health improves and that your mood stabilizes, Marie.

  22. They sent me an email brush off, referring me to NAMI & DBSA.

  23. Yes. Sometimes, cocooning is in order. Sometimes I must focus on myself and my family. Unfortunately, it’s been that way for a while, and it’s hard.

  24. Thank you. Noted. Good advice.

  25. Indeed it does.

  26. We do what we can when we can. Wise advice. Thank you.

  27. They actually emailed me suggesting I go to a NAMI or DBSA meeting. So, they basically already let me know that I’m not welcome.

  28. Hi Kitt, just because you’re ‘liberal’ in your opinions etc. doesn’t mean that others aren’t also… There are probably many who differ, but with it being a support group I would think there is kind of an acceptance for the variations and the differences not emphasized … just a thought Diane

  29. 🙂 Love to you…. Paisley kisses…… Dy will fill you in if you don’t understand 🙂

  30. Hugs on taking the step forward 🙂 It’s always hard. I’m here for you.

  31. Whatever season this is, I join Dy in her prayers and I hope it comes to pass pretty quick. I have also been going through mixed periods and for four days just leaving my bed and room require tremendous energy. One step at a time, even the tinnest, is definitely the way to go dear. Wishing us all loads 🙂

  32. Big steps today, Kitt. Taking action, any action, starts a momentum. Seeing that you have services that could be used is enough to start that. You know that a change in meds will goof you up for a while, so keep being gentle with yourself. Saddleback sounds like it would irritate and upset rather than soothe.

  33. Sometimes life just doesn’t play well with others. Sorry you’re going through a time like that. Feel better soon!

  34. Sounds like you have a full plate. Just make sure you don’t run yourself down

  35. On foot in front of the other… Brings you forward too…

  36. I’m happy you took a step forward. I know some days I can and some days I’m just not able to. So when I have the energy I do as much as possible lol.

  37. I hope you feel better physically soon. The 20 mile drive might be worth making when you’re well. Saddleback doesn’t sound like a good fit. Hugs!

  38. Thank you, Dy.

  39. I’m proud of you for being proactive for your safe as well as for your son.
    I’m inspired by your strength during this sh*tstorm.

    Sending you love – you’ll be in my thoughts every day!

  40. Sometimes the smallest things represent the biggest steps of all. I am glad to hear you were able to move forward. It can be so hard sometimes to do the things we know we should, and want to do. <3

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