Small Steps

Never too early to learn good oral hygiene (I was probably teething) Progress sometimes comes in small steps. This weekend I walked the dog with my husband, which meant I stepped away from [...]

2019-04-15T17:37:17+00:00April 15th, 2019|9 Comments

I Will Not Cry Now

To avoid feeling overwhelmed and hold back the tears due to loss, stress and worry, I've started delving into my ancestry online. My therapist reframed what I was doing as focusing, rather than [...]

2019-04-04T11:00:04+00:00April 4th, 2019|19 Comments

Michael Pipich Guest Post: Are You Just Depressed or Is It the Onset of Bipolar Disorder?

This guest post hits close to home. For twenty-one years, from ages eighteen to thirty-nine, I was diagnosed with chronic depression (dysthymia). I'd tell doctors that I was at least cyclothymic, for I my [...]

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Taking a Step Forward

Today I took a step forward. I went to my psychiatrist. He adjusted my medications, putting me back on a low dose of escitalopram. Monday, we see a psychologist with our son to get some coaching on negotiating our [...]

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