Thank You Care Givers
Thank you to all the caregivers who have helped with my parents recently. Grateful for the excellent care my mom has received. Thank you:

  • Jane Pamphile of Next Step Senior Care first started working with me over a year ago preparing for this transition. She’s done far more than show my sister and me senior care options. She’s been my coach and my parents’ advocate.
  • Hermosa Beach Fire Department’s Paramedics
  • Providence Little Company of Mary in Torrance and their Stroke Care Center in San Pedro
  • Atria Del Sol in Mission Viejo, especially their Executive Director Laura Kephart who went to bat for my mom
  • Speech Pathologist Helen Yule-Schuppe on staff at

    Palm Terrace Healthcare & Rehab Center

  • Music Therapist Marcella Muller of Legacy Music

Most of all, I thank my sister and our husbands. My sister and I worked as a team. Couldn’t have done it without her. Our husbands backed us up, taking time off work to care for our kids while we were away from home caring for our parents.
Thank  you, team. Thank you, family. Thank you, community.


3 responses to “Thank You, Caregivers”

  1. Thank you. Of course, left many unnamed. Many nurses, OTs, PTs and other SPs.

  2. You are wonderful to know caregiver names and acknowledge them here with such thoughtfulness/compassion – that’s the Kitt I know and love!!!! So glad you have your circle of support, honey. Thinking of you every day! XOXOXOXOXO

  3. This is so nice. It takes a village.

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