Will I Start Blogging Again?

I haven’t really blogged since I published my book, “Balancing Act: Writing Through a Bipolar Life.” Will I start writing again? For some time I did a bunch of podcast interviews, which you [...]

September 30th is International Podcast Day!

What's #InternationalPodcastDay? International Podcast Day™ is September 30th and is an international celebration of the power of podcasts. The official International Podcast Day event streaming schedule is below. On September 30, join our [...]

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Listen More Podcast with Paige Krystal Wilcox: Kitt O’Malley

Paige Krystal Wilcox honored me by having me as a guest on her podcast, Listen More. I had a fabulous time talking with her about how to represent characters who, like me, live [...]

It’s A Wrap Podcast with Ron Rapaport

Many thanks to Ron Rapaport for featuring me on his podcast, It's a Wrap with Rap. Ron is a male breast cancer survivor and an advocate for the Male Breast Cancer Coalition. Ron's podcast [...]

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Guest Posts The Better Because Project -- I’m Still Learning by Kitt O’Malley NewLifeOutlookBipolar -- Living a Purposeful Life with Bipolar Disorder The Minds Journal -- Living with Bipolar Disorder as a Mother [...]

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