NAMI Provider Education – Week Two

Yesterday I attended the second class of NAMI's Provider Education. Here I summarize, paraphrase, and quote the handouts from the NAMI Provider Education Course Participant Manual 2013: THEORETICAL BASIS: Basic principles of secondary prevention/intervention [...]

End the Silence

Yesterday morning I attended a NAMI Ending the Silence presentation at an Orange County high school. I hope to soon train to become an Ending the Silence presenter for my local NAMI Orange County chapter. Since [...]

Mental Health Ministry

Back in Fall 2005, when I first attended Fuller Theological Seminary – a multi-denominational Christian seminary - I wrote a Mental Health Ministry training manual. I just changed the language to make it more inclusive of all [...]

The Clay Hunt SAV Act Passed! Thank Your Members of Congress!

The Clay Hunt SAV Act Passed! Thank Your Members of Congress! Thank you for your mental health advocacy! Thank you for contacting your Senators and Congressmen to make your voice heard. Thank you for [...]

NAMI Provider Education – Class One

Joyce Burland, PhD developed NAMI's Provider Education Program to provide health service providers with insight into the lived experience of mental illness. In the first class, we went over the key principals guiding the course and heard [...]

What I’m Working On Now

Last Thursday, I interviewed at NAMI Orange County to participate in two of their programs: NAMI Ending the Silence NAMI Ending the Silence is an in-school presentation about mental health designed for high school students. [...]

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