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How I Cope

By |2022-07-21T17:47:13-07:00June 9th, 2019|

Living well with bipolar means I must attend psychotherapy, use my hard-earned insight and arsenal of coping skills, and exercise self-care.

I Spoke in Public!

By |2019-08-13T16:31:42-07:00May 26th, 2019|Acceptance, Bipolar Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar Parenting, Depression, Hypomania, Mania, Memoir, Mental Health, Mental Health Advocacy, Mental Health Blogging, Mental Illness, Mood Cycling, Motherhood, Psychosis, Psychotic Thought Process, Public Speaking, Stigma|

Thank you, Lianne Sauvage, for inviting me to share my [...]

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