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Balancing Act

Writing Through a Bipolar Life

Gritty, inspiring, brave memoir of living with bipolar disorder.

Balancing Act – Writing Through a Bipolar Life is a passionate tale of perseverance and courage.

If you like gritty autobiographies, learning to heal, and finding strength by putting pen to paper, then you’ll adore Kitt O’Malley’s powerful memoir.

In this deeply personal and inspiring story, Kitt O’Malley shares her journey of healing and rebuilding while coping with a challenging disorder.

And for anyone facing fear and negativity, or fighting to cope with parenting and relationships, this well-respected mental health advocate provides a beacon of hope in the quest for a fulfilling existence.

As a child, Kitt O’Malley already had her future mapped out.

Working hard to fulfill her parents’ dreams of attending Harvard only to receive rejection letters from all the top Ivy League schools, she spiraled under the pressure of feeling like a failure.

Thinking of herself as a burden to her family and unworthy of living, the desperate college freshman was on the brink of ending it all.

Battling through her depression while hiding behind a convincing façade, Kitt earned a master’s in psychology just to suffer a traumatic breakdown at age thirty.

With a new bipolar diagnosis, the courageous woman struggled to be the best mother to her precious son, overcome internal stigmas, and forge a spirited path toward understanding and self-love.

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